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Doctor, Doctor! My husband thinks he's a fridge! So what? When he snores the light keeps me awake!
Doctor, Doctor! I feel like a pack of cards. I'll deal with you later!  
Doctor, Doctor! I think I got a lot of bridges. Whats happening to you? Well, people keep saying pull up your bridges.
Doctor, Doctor! Hi, doctor. Do you have my forms yet? No. I have good news and bad news. You have 24 hours to live, but..... I forgot to tell you yesterday. What?!?!?
Doctor, Doctor! Doctor, Doctor, I feel like a sheep! That's baaaaaaaaaad!  
Doctor, Doctor! Doctor, I hope I'm not poisonous. Why? Because I bit my tongue with my fangs!
Doctor, Doctor! I think something is wrong with me. Every time I drink coffee my eye starts hurting. Well, have you tried taking the spoon out of the cup yet?  
Doctor, Doctor! I've only got 59 seconds to live! Calm down. I'll be with you in a minute.  
Doctor, Doctor! Doctor! Doctor! People keep ignoring me! Next!  
Doctor, Doctor! A pony walks into the doctors office. He says: "Doctor, doctor what is wrong with me?" "You're just a little horse." "Oh."
Doctor, Doctor! I keep thinking I'm a clock! Don't worry - you're just a little wound up.  
Doctor, Doctor! I keep seeing an insect spinning around. Don't worry, it's just a bug that's going around.  
Doctor, Doctor! I think I'm a spoon! Sit over there, please, and don't stir!  
Doctor, Doctor! I keep thinking I'm a bridge! What's come over you? Two buses, three cars, and a bicycle.
Doctor, Doctor! I keep thinking I'm a frog! What's wrong with that? I think I'm going to croak!
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