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SchoolAdam B.Age:  1005/10/2013
Friends ForeverAlexis H.Age:  1001/28/2012
FriendsAnna S.Age:  1011/26/2016
Beach VacationDanielle M.Age:  1005/14/2010
Fun Birthday Wishes!Danielle M.Age:  1006/08/2010
Ode to LitterDavid M.Age:  1003/23/2011
SnowDavid M.Age:  1003/23/2011
I Want a New Dog That's Pink!Emma S.Age:  1004/17/2012
CompostErica H.Age:  1005/16/2009
Birthday BlastGabriella H.Age:  1003/26/2011
My Teacher and Classroom Is AwesomeHaleigh R.Age:  1010/01/2015
BirthdaysJill F.Age:  1009/22/2008
Holidays Are So Much Fun!Joanie G.Age:  1011/06/2008
The New Kid!Joanie G.Age:  1009/12/2008
I Love BaseballJoe D.Age:  1005/10/2013
I Woke up in a New BuggatiJoe D. Age:  1005/10/2013
Why Is White Better?Kelsey M.Age:  1010/12/2008
AutumnLilly D.Age:  1011/20/2009
Summer VacationMaleyna S.Age:  1005/28/2010
ClownsMcKenna M.Age:  1011/04/2008
SailboatMorgan C. Age:  1006/04/2011
SummerNadah R.Age:  1004/03/2012
SweetNadah R.Age:  1004/03/2012
I Have a Friend Named MeaganNatlieAge:  1010/09/2008
Amusement ParkRene M.Age:  1003/08/2011
The Soccer GameRene M.Age:  1003/09/2011
My FriendsRene M.Age:  1003/10/2011
My Dad's CarRene M.Age:  1003/10/2011
FireworksRene M.Age:  1003/10/2011
Ice SkatingRene M.Age:  1001/09/2014
The Plants in the RiverRobbie LAge:  1005/10/2013
JackRobbie L.Age:  1005/10/2013
The Hungriest 5th Grade's Lunch!Rosemary S.Age:  1011/25/2008
Love IsSaelah G.Age:  1010/30/2013
SeasonsShea M.Age:  1004/08/2011
Be Careful When You Go to a VacationTaha R.Age:  1012/13/2014
HalloweenTrinity S.Age:  1011/01/2014
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