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FriendsBy:  Rahma R.Age:  1104/03/2012
Friends Are for...By:  Maria P.Age:  808/05/2013
Friends ForeverBy:  Alexis H.Age:  1001/28/2012
I Have a Friend Named MeaganBy:  NatlieAge:  1010/09/2008
J and ABy:  Jenna H.Age:  704/03/2011
JoyBy:  Mia E.Age:  1105/03/2012
Mrs. WildBy:  Amy D.Age:  1104/01/2011
My Best FriendBy:  Aditi S.Age:  811/12/2011
My FriendsBy:  Avery S.Age:  604/05/2011
My FriendsBy:  Rene M.Age:  1003/10/2011
SweetBy:  Nadah R.Age:  1004/03/2012
The DayBy:  Grayson A.Age:  804/11/2012
YOU AND MEBy:  LIBBY B.Age:  806/07/2018
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