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CompostBy:  Erica H.Age:  1005/16/2009
Ode to LitterBy:  David M.Age:  1003/23/2011
Pretty LeafBy:  Naymah H.Age:  909/20/2008
Rainforest SenseBy:  Conner J.Age:  804/01/2011
ROSESBy:  Rahma R.Age:  1104/03/2012
The Plants in the RiverBy:  Robbie LAge:  1005/10/2013
The Vicious PlantsBy:  Caroline S.Age:  907/09/2010
TulipsBy:  Danielle M.Age:  803/10/2011
TulipsBy:  Annelise H.Age:  704/18/2012
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