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AutumnBy:  Lilly D.Age:  1011/20/2009
Clean Up!By:  Emma and Molly S.Age:  801/25/2012
FallBy:  Mellisa H.Age:  1201/08/2010
Falling LeavesBy:  Mimi JAge:  1107/11/2020
Feeling GoodBy:  Jenna H.Age:  704/01/2011
If Turkeys ThoughtBy:  Luke S.Age:  911/30/2010
SeasonsBy:  Shea M.Age:  1004/08/2011
Seasons I SeeBy:  Divleen S.Age:  811/05/2010
Seasons of joyBy:  Caitlin B.Age:  1106/15/2011
Seasons, SeasonsBy:  Divleen S.Age:  811/23/2010
SnowBy:  David M.Age:  1003/23/2011
SpringBy:  Quinn B.Age:  903/30/2011
SpringBy:  Marie G.Age:  1107/13/2015
SpringBy:  Ellery D.Age:  504/20/2012
SummerBy:  Nadah R.Age:  1004/03/2012
Summer SadnessBy:  Rayya G.Age:  1106/08/2014
The Summer DaysBy:  Abigail S.Age:  905/06/2014
What I Saw MovingBy:  Brennae A.Age:  901/13/2009
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