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I Am at SchoolJaiden K.Age:  706/22/2012
I Have a Friend Named MeaganNatlieAge:  1010/09/2008
I Like AnimalsMaddy B.Age:  604/02/2011
I LoveAngelo A.Age:  604/01/2011
I Love BaseballJoe D.Age:  1005/10/2013
I LOVE OHIOLIBBY B.Age:  806/07/2018
I Love SportsNick W.Age:  705/07/2011
I Love That Horse!Rayya G. Age:  904/30/2012
I Love to ReadMei P.Age:  803/27/2011
I RockNydeja D.Age:  812/02/2008
I Want a New Dog That's Pink!Emma S.Age:  1004/17/2012
I Went to the BeachKate D.Age:  504/13/2012
I Woke up in a New BuggatiJoe D. Age:  1005/10/2013
Ice SkatingRene M.Age:  1001/09/2014
If Turkeys ThoughtLuke S.Age:  911/30/2010
I'm Blasting Off!Maeve W.Age:  503/28/2011
I'm SorryAbigail S.Age:  909/03/2014
It's Easter!Larry L.Age:  603/28/2011
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