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PalaceBy:  Alexis H.1001/28/2012
Helicopter RescueBy:  Alysia S.1010/10/2011
Police ChaseBy:  Anna S. 1011/26/2016
Lake AdventureBy:  Brooklinne H.1007/23/2015
The SunBy:  Catherine S.1009/05/2008
Bobby & the DragonBy:  Christopher B.1008/19/2008
StrangersBy:  Ellen C.1010/30/2012
The Close Call!!!By:  Joanie G.1009/12/2008
The ViperBy:  Kelsey M.1010/12/2008
KidnaptionBy:  Lane C.1008/29/2012
Kidnaption the SecondBy:  Lane C.1008/29/2012
Peasant and the PrinceBy:  Marisha R.1004/14/2012
A Shepherd Named IanBy:  Paxon D.1012/21/2011
The Cruise ShipBy:  Rene M.1001/09/2014
Her SunBy:  Saelah G.1010/30/2013
Taylor's Great Journey!By:  Taylor S.1004/20/2012
The Flying BusBy:  Trinity S.1010/31/2014
The Bullet TrainBy:  Trinity S.1011/01/2014
KikiBy:  Veronica H.1001/20/2009
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