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My First Day of School!By:  Akaash V. 801/18/2012
The Haunted HouseBy:  Akaash V.807/30/2012
The SunBy:  Alysia S.806/02/2009
This Is What I Look Like!By:  Alyssah B.801/21/2009
How I Want to Go Around the World!By:  Alyssah B.801/24/2009
The 'Good' PirateBy:  Anthony A.803/11/2011
The Selfish TigerBy:  Anushri T807/22/2021
The Best Day at SchoolBy:  Caitlyn C.812/06/2008
The Trip to Swamp LakeBy:  Carley S.810/11/2010
You Are Who You AreBy:  Caroline S.811/17/2009
The DragonBy:  Danie M.807/09/2014
Nice Little RiverBy:  Emma S.809/03/2011
Marge the Detective: The Disappeared Diary Part 1By:  Jae-hee B. 812/10/2011
Marge the Detective and Disappeared Diary Part 2By:  Jae-Hee B. 812/10/2011
Marge the Detective and the Disappeared Diary Pt 3By:  Jae-Hee B. 804/04/2012
The Princess Who Wore Pink!By:  Margaret L.808/19/2008
School!!!!By:  Maria P.808/05/2013
Wild DogsBy:  Mariada Z.811/30/2015
My DadBy:  Natalie805/01/2012
MarieBy:  Natalie H.805/25/2012
One of the Best Days of SchoolBy:  Nikitha S.803/17/2012
Queen Tulip the ThirdBy:  Paxon D.812/21/2011
The Dragon by the LakeBy:  Rene M.809/14/2016
The Stone HouseBy:  Sarah B.808/31/2008
The No KingdomBy:  Sid S.811/23/2018
The Little Girl on the StreetBy:  Taylor K.809/08/2008
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