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By:  Ella B. SchoolAge:  511/16/2015
By:  Ellen C. StrangersAge:  1010/30/2012
By:  Emily H. The Time I Met a DragonAge:  1106/23/2011
By:  Emma S. Nice Little RiverAge:  809/03/2011
By:  Emma S. The Grand HouseAge:  707/06/2010
By:  Emma S. The Small RoadAge:  707/29/2010
By:  Emma S. A Trip to the BankAge:  710/03/2010
By:  Emma S. Vampires Don't Wear Polka DotsAge:  710/03/2010
By:  Emma W. The Girl That Got MissedAge:  1109/13/2008
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