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By:  Madisin B. CinderellaAge:  606/18/2011
By:  Mairend The Princess Who Liked to Wear the Color PinkAge:  903/01/2009
By:  Margaret L. The Princess Who Wore Pink!Age:  808/19/2008
By:  Mari Z. The HouseAge:  710/01/2014
By:  Maria P. School!!!!Age:  808/05/2013
By:  Mariada Z. Wild DogsAge:  811/30/2015
By:  Marisha R. Peasant and the PrinceAge:  1004/14/2012
By:  Marissa The Princess and Her PrinceAge:  1107/26/2011
By:  Maya B. My Dog, CandyAge:  709/27/2014
By:  Michelle S. The Monster at SeaAge:  1106/06/2014
By:  Mollie B. Nothing Is RightAge:  1110/16/2008
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