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Marge the Detective: The Disappeared Diary Part 1
Author:  Jae-hee B.
Marge was great dectictive.Her partner Ruby was a super solver. One day the police officer had a phone call from Sanity the famouse movie star."Marge I have lost my diary!" And the line went dead. Marge had a new case to solve! Marge drove up to Sanity's house and asked her "where was the last time you saw it?" "my side! "who lives with you?" "Uhhhhhhh nobody""I have to go" Marge suspicously nodded. Marge found Ruby upstairs "Sombody lives with her and she is Hae-Bee say. Back at the office...
About the Author
Jae-hee B.

Jae-hee B. wrote this story on 12/10/2011 1:24:19 PM.
At that time Jae-hee B. was 8 years old.

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