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Marge the Detective and Disappeared Diary Part 2
Author:  Jae-Hee B.
So Marge and Ruby searched Hae-Bee say at the office. "Hae-Bee was a great star until she found out about a poor orphan named Sanity and quit." Ruby read. "ring ring ring" with us?....why?.....Hello!Hello?" "What happend?" Ruby asked. "Sanity wants to stay with us unless we find it." Marge shrugged. Marge wrote in her note pad. Clues: work with us diary Hae-Bee lives with Hae-Bee quit "ah ha! Hae-Bee is helping Sanity and Sanity does not want us to see the diary because its..."
About the Author
Jae-Hee B.

Jae-Hee B. wrote this story on 12/10/2011 3:02:30 PM.
At that time Jae-Hee B. was 8 years old.

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