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My First Day of School!
Author:  Akaash V.
It was my first day of school I was very nervous and I was sort of exited too. I was going to be in the same school as my best friend Ragav!I was going to go to Elementry school.My teacher's name was Mrs S. I made a new friend her name was Lasya she was an Indian just like me.I enjoyed playing with her.I loved the play ground me and my best friend Ragave played together alot I learn stuff from him and he learns stuff from me we had 5 play dates a week and we had fun! The End.
About the Author
Akaash V.

Akaash V. wrote this story on 1/18/2012 6:19:03 PM.
At that time Akaash V. was 8 years old.

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