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The No Kingdom
Author:  Sid S.
In a far off distant land there was a castle. It belonged to the city of the No K Crew. The Kingdom was called No Kingdom. Everyone there were called N kins All they ever said was No! It wasn't 25 years until the word Yes was invented. There was a war against the word yes. Sadly, yes won. It wasn't 225 years until No Kingdom and the N kins were seen. By that time there was a city called the Yes K Crew. They were called Y Kins. All they ever said was Yes! Sadly, It was 2 years til the 2 had a war
About the Author
Sid S.

Sid S. wrote this story on 11/23/2018 3:09:58 PM.
At that time Sid S. was 8 years old.

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