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The World
Author:  Kathryn E.
the world is a spesl plas. it's your home. it's war you live. how do you make it spesl to you? you cep the erth clen to make it your home. do not put tash on the floor put it in the trash it helps the home you live in. cep the erth clen because it is your home. do you no what will hapin to the world if you liter? it will diy. so cep the world clen. if there is trash pick it up. so clen to help cep the world clen. it helps so go ahed clen to help the world to stay. the world is our friend.
About the Author
Kathryn E.

Kathryn E. wrote this story on 6/25/2013 12:13:48 PM.
At that time Kathryn E. was 7 years old.

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