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Did You Know?

In 2014 in Pennsylvania, 104 people worked together to make the World’s Largest S’More, which weighed 267 pounds!


Make a Life List of Animals
Explore your own backyard, and make a list of all the creatures you find there. Then keep it going!

Recycle Roundup
You’re camping with your family, and the campground has different bins for things the family discards. What goes where? Play this game and race the clock!

My Little Camp
If you were a mouse, what would your campground look like?

Wildlife Olympics
You may see some wildlife when you’re camping! In this quiz, compare your abilities to those of the wildlife at Yellowstone National Park.


Garfield Travel Adventures [DVD]
Garfield travels! In one adventure, he’s horrified that Jon is going to take them all - including Odie – "back to nature!"

Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild [DVD]
Stuart joins his family for a camping trip in the great outdoors, where Petra is kidnapped by some angry animals, and Stuart has to use all his scouting skills to help her!

Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown! [DVD]
Charlie Brown and his friends are in a raft race at summer camp –against a bunch of cheaters!.

Web Links

How NOT to Camp, from Ranger Rick
Read this online comic-book story about what NOT to do in the great outdoors! Click on the image to make it big enough to read, then move your mouse and click on the arrow that appears to the to go to the next page.

Book of Stuff to Do Outside from Discover the Forest
Twelve pages of fun activities to do outdoors! Click on the link at the top left of their list, and print! (Ask your grownups if it’s ok to download it.)

Species Guide Index of Ohio Wildlife
Hiking or camping in Ohio? Use this guide to learn about the wildlife you see! Each entry has a full description and a photograph.

What’s That Snake?
It’s easy to identify Ohio snakes! Click on "Begin Quick I.D."

What Tree Is It?
Look up any Ohio tree by its leaf, fruit (or seed) or name.