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Did You Know?

One of the newest breeds of cats in cat shows is the Lykoi, which looks a little like a werewolf, with very little fur on its legs, and claws but no fur on its feet!


Kittens in a Maze
Help the mother cat find her kittens!

Cozy Cats Coloring Sheet
These cats are wide awake, but pup’s still asleep.

Cats & Kittens Word Search
See how many words you can find!

Big Cats Quiz Whiz from National Geographic Kids
Are you a big cat fan? Test your knowledge about domestic cats also!


The Aristocats [DVD or Blu-Ray]
A French lady leaves her fortune to her cat, Duchess, and Duchess’ three kittens, but after the greedy butler tosses them out of the house, how will they ever get home? This Disney classic has lots of music!

Cat [DVD]
Discusses the evolution, anatomy, habitat, behavior, and secret lives of cats throughout history. From DK Eyewitness.

Garfield [DVD]
The comic-strip cat who loves lasagna stars in these television episodes first shown on television.

The Incredible Journey [DVD]
A spunky Siamese cat, a young Labrador retriever, and an older bull terrier are separated from their beloved family, and brave the dangers of the wilderness to find them.

Web Links

7 Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog or Cat
It’s tempting to share, but cats can’t always eat our food safely! Find out which foods NOT to give your cat.

Cat Burglar
A pet in Ontario brings home lots of treasures- from the neighbors!

Cat Walk
In a real-life journey, an orange tabby takes a really long walk to find his family!

National Geographic Kids
Check out these pages with slides and short videos about wild members of the cat family, all from National Geographic Kids.

Bobcat (A North American wildcat!)

Mountain Lion (Cougar) (Mountain lions live in many places throughout the Americas.)

For pages about Amur leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, leopards, lions and tigers, go to this page, then scroll down and click on the cat’s picture.