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Did You Know?

Polar bear fur isn’t white – it’s colorless and each shaft is hollow, so it looks white in the sun!


Find your way through this Polar Bear Maze

Polar Bear Puzzler, from National Geographic Kids
Can you solve these polar-bear themed puzzles? Try an easy puzzle, or make it harder, with up to 96 pieces!

Polar Bears Word Search


Arctic Tale [DVD or Blu-Ray]
A polar bear cub and a walrus pup go through exciting struggles for survival, in a world that is melting around them. A National Geographic Films movie.

The Bear; The Animal Train [DVD]
In the first story on this DVD, a polar bear comes to live with a little girl, and she tries to hide it.

Knut & Friends [DVD]
An adorable polar bear cub becomes one of the most famous bears in the world. Based on fact.

Tasha the Polar Bear from National Geographic [DVD]
Tasha and her brother Lars are growing up, and their mom must teach them to live on their own.

Web Links

Polar Bear, from National Geographic Kids
Photos, video, and facts about poplar bears.

More Polar Bears, from the Ocean Portal, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Lots of polar bear facts & photos!

Polar Bear, from the Cincinnati Zoo
See the bear facts at the top, and lots of short videos at the bottom of the page!

Spirit Bears, from Ranger Rick
Also known as Kermode bears, these animals in the Canadian West may be mistaken for polar bears. Read about their differences here.