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Leatherbacks are huge, the biggest sea turtles on earth! They may grow to be 6½ feet long in adulthood, and weigh up to 2000 pounds!


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My Submarine Ocean Explorer from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
Click on "Explore the Ocean" to begin. The submarine has lots of cool features, letting you explore lots of creatures as well as ships, vents, volcanos, and places around the world. Scroll through the images and introduction on the right menu panel, or pick one from the expeditions map on the left.

Quiz Your Noodle: Creepy Creatures from National Geographic
Can you answer these trivia questions about underwater creatures?

Alaskan Rockfish matching game from NOAA
Start by clicking on the rockfish study guide at the top of the page, then see how fast you can match these 40 pairs of rockfish in one of the games, to reveal the picture underneath! Hint: the easiest games are in the first group. Learn even more about rockfish.

Creatures of the Chesapeake Bay: Connect the Dots
Connect the dots to discover the creatures of Chesapeake Bay, near our nation’s capital, and read about each one. Requires Flash – check with your parent or guardian before downloading Flash, if you don’t already have it on your device.

Seashell Search & Activities
Classify them, play checkers with them, or use them to make art!

Make a Beach Memory Box
Going to the beach? Here’s a fun memory box you can make with your seashells and other beach-combing treasures.


Tales From the Wild: Cara the Sea Turtle [DVD]
Cara the sea turtle takes us on the adventure of her life, leaving her family's nest, crossing the ocean, and sharing beautiful underwater scenes.

Ocean [DVD]
Discover the ancient myths that surround our oceans, and the modern science behind them, in this video from the 'Eyewitness' series from DK.

Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean's Most Fearless Scientist [eVideo]
At nine years old, Eugenie Clark developed a passion for sharks after visiting an aquarium in New York City. Despite many obstacles in her path, she later studied the creatures she loved so much, and made so many scientific contributions about them that she was nicknamed Shark Lady. To check out the eVideo, click on the "instantly available on hoopla" link, and on the hoopla page that opens, download with your library card.

Deep Sea Dive [DVD] from the National Geographic Society
Explore the world's oceans from surface to seafloor, and see great whales, friendly dolphins, and scary sharks!

The Little Mermaid [DVD and Blu-ray]
Ariel the mermaid wishes she were human, in this animated fantasy featuring the famous song, "Under the Sea."

Web Links

Ocean Service: Just for Kids from NOAA
Check out NOAA’s main page about oceans for kids!

Here Come the Horseshoe Crabs!
Every year these crabs come out of the sea, and onto the beaches of Delaware Bay.

Great Barrier Reef Featuring DJ Ecotone from National Geographic Kids
Watch and listen as this DJ mixes sounds from the Great Barrier Reef!

Freaky Sea Creatures from National Geographic Kids
Take a look at eight of the weirdest animals in the sea!

Jellyfish from National Geographic Kids
Fascinated by jellyfish? Enjoy these videos!

Fish from National Geographic Kids
Browse here for great pictures and descriptions of lots of kinds of ocean fish!