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Did You Know?

Dav Pilkey, author of Dog Man and Captain Underpants was first published as a teenager, when he won a writing contest! The winning book was World War Won, and it’s still available from Search Ohio.


Writer’s Crossword Puzzle
See if you know these words related to being a writer.


The Blob That Ate Everyone [DVD]
Something’s going wrong for a budding writer, when everything he writes comes true – and he’s writing a scary story!

Web Links

How to Write a Perfect Essay
Solid advice from National Geographic Kids to help with writing homework. Have an assignment to write about an animal? Check out Wildly Good Animal Reports.

How to Submit Creative Writing and Art to Stone Soup
Stone Soup, an online magazine with an annual print issue, is produced by a non-profit organization that encourages kids’ writing. Go to the link to find out how to submit your own writing – you might be published!

Amazing Kids Magazine
This online magazine is written by kids, for kids! The site sometimes also offers contests for writers. Check here to see if one is open currently.