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Double Identity
Author:  Margret Pedersen Haddix
Double Iidentity is about a girls who has to move in with a friend of her moms. her mother had a child before her. the first child died in a car accident.when the time came close to her death is when she had to move in with her moms friend. she is just like her sister in every way. she is beginning to think that she had been cloned from her sis. she does some research on cloning and finds out that her dad worked with a most wanted. was she cloned or not. that is for me to know and you to find ou
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I give this book 5 stars!
I loved it!

About the Reviewer
Annie F

Annie F wrote this review on 6/11/2011 9:04:00 PM.
At that time Annie F was 11 years old.

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