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Katie and the Mustang Book 1
Author:  Kathleen Duey
I love the Hoofbeats series. My favorite one is Katie and the Mustang book 1. It's a book that EVERYONE SHOULD READ! In the 1800 Katie's family dies from fever when she was six. The neighbors take her in. They give her LOTS of chores. Her neighbors buy a crazy mustang. It's crazy because they always use the whip on him. Katie is set on finding her uncle, who is 20,000 miles away. Katie makes a relationship with the mustang. She might be stuck with he neighbors forever...
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I give this book 5 stars!
I loved it!

About the Reviewer
Lucy A.

Lucy A. wrote this review on 12/8/2017 2:04:00 PM.
At that time Lucy A. was 10 years old.

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