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The Land of Elyon Book One: The Dark Hills Divide
Author:  Patrick Carman
The Dark Hills divide is the first book in the Land of Elyon series. In this book, 11 year-old Alexa Daley has arrived in the city of Bridewell with her father on their yearly summer vacation. As she does every year, Alexa tries to find a way past the huge walls that surround Bridewell. In the libary, she discovers a secret passage that leads out of Bridewell and into the forest beyond. Once outside the walls, she discovers a wonderfull treasure and begins a journey that will change her life.
5 stars
I give this book only 1 star!
I didn't like it!

About the Reviewer
Aimee M.

Aimee M. wrote this review on 5/31/2011 2:11:00 PM.
At that time Aimee M. was 11 years old.

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