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Curious Kids: Exercise

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Curious Kids Bend, Stretch and Move It!

Did You Know?

Research shows that exercise can actually make us smarter, so ride your bike, play some soccer, jump rope –and feed your brain!

Some books below may be eBooks or audiobooks. ask a librarian or parent for help.

Fiction Books

Non-fiction Books

Fun Activities

Stretch Your Mental Muscles Word Search
Use your mental muscles to figure this one out!

Workout Time! from PBS KIDS
Pick some thirty-second exercises! (An on-screen timer will tell you when to stop doing each one.)

Fitness Quiz from PBS KIDS
Try this easy quiz. Some of the answers may surprise you!

Metroparks Mountain Biking Area (MoMBA)
For some great outdoor fun, bring your bike to Huffman Metropark and ride the trails at MoMBA, the Metroparks Mountain Biking Area. MoMBA has more than 9 miles of trails for bikers at all levels, from beginner up. Note: It’s a good idea to have a parent make sure the trails are open that day, as they may be closed if it’s muddy, etc.; the number is (937) 277-4374. (No bike? Bikes can also be rented on Saturdays from 10AM to 1 PM, from Memorial Day through Labor Day.


DanceX: Fun Dance & Exercise for Kids With Great Music [DVD]
Exercise combines with dance moves to get you moving. Bonus features include nutrition tips.

Fitness 4 Kids: Cardio Workout [eVideo]
A sixty-minute workout designed especially for kids (and teens), meant to let you have fun and get fit with a fun beats and up-tempo routines. No equipment is necessary and minimal space is required. To check out the eVideo, which is available from hoopla, click on “instantly available on hoopla” at the link above.

Fitness for Kids [DVD]
Join eight-year-old Jet, a seven-time track and field gold medalist, as he shows you how to run faster, get stronger and overall be hip and fit.

Jumpstart Your Health: Exercise and Nutrition Program for Kids [DVD]
Workouts designed specifically for kids ages 6-14.

Pilates [DVD]
Introduces Pilates to pre-teens and teens, as part of a healthy lifestyle, with a special Pilates dictionary of poses; 5, 15, and 30 minute Pilates workouts; and healthy lifestyle information for pre-teens and teens.

Workout kid! [DVD]
Includes workouts for all parts of the body with nutrition and food choice tips. Stage 1 is a basic workout and stage 2 is more challenging.


Find a Local Park for Your Favorite Activity
Choose what you want to do, then see all the places you can go to do it – free! Look for a Skatepark, Hiking Trails, Sled Hills and more.

Your Amazing Brain from National Geographic Kids
Exercise makes you feel good, but read this to see what else it can do.

How the Body Works from Kidshealth.org
Choose a body area to explore. Movies, quizzes and activities add to the fun.

Yoga for Lowering Stress from Kidshealth.org
Read about yoga, then click on the video link and follow the Study Break Yoga routine.

Why Exercise Is Wise from Kidshealth.org
Learn what kinds of exercise get your heart pumping, which ones build strength, and which ones give your muscles a good stretch.