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Curious Kids: Flying

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Curious Kids Flying

Did You Know?

The average speed of a Wright B Flyer was 44 miles per hour. The Navy’s Blue Angels jets fly at 700 miles per hour in shows, and the planes are capable of 1,190 miles per hour!

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Fun Activities

Flight Time Mad Lib


Bill Nye the Science Guy: Flight [DVD]
Bill demonstrates how airplanes, birds, and helicopters create differences in air pressure to develop lift for flying.

Daredevil: The Daring Life of Betty Skelton [eVideo]
Way back in the 1930s, Betty Skelton liked playing with airplanes, watching them fly, and, when she was older, even flying airplanes herself! Betty Skelton scored a lot of "firsts!" This movie is instantly available from hoopla- just click on the link in the catalog, below the title.

All About Airplanes and Flying Machines [DVD]
Ride along as the young narrator Garrett takes his first flying lesson, goes for a hot-air balloon ride, and flies his remote control airplane - and meet Buddy, an amazing dog that flies in a hang glider!


National Museum of the U.S. Air Force
Learn about visiting the museum, and from the kids’ page, print word searches, aircraft coloring pages and learn the Air Force’s phonetic alphabet.

F4U Corsair: How Do Planes Fly?
A beginner’s illustrated explanation of how and why airplanes fly.

Visit Wright B Flyer
Visit the Wright “B” Flyer’s hangar/museum at the Wright Brothers Airport on Rte. 741 south of Dayton! A Model B flight simulator is available- check with museum staff for requirements.

Taking Flight With the Wright Brothers
Enjoy this short article from National Geographic Kids about the famous brothers and inventors from Dayton. Lots of pictures included!

Pilot the Wright Brothers’ Flyer
This interactive page gives a detailed explanation of how the parts of the Wright B’s design helped it fly.