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Did You Know?

The record for the world’s largest pizza is 13,580.23 square feet - about the same as 12,692 medium pizzas! Talk about cooking for a crowd!

Safety first! ALWAYS check with an adult before starting any cooking or baking project!


Cooking Up a Treat Coloring Page

Hard-Boiled from PBS Kids
An easy game for one or two players, all about food!


Burger Island [Wii]
Grill burgers, cook fries, and blend milkshakes to order!

Order up! [Wii or Playstation 3]
Win it by slicing, dicing, flipping and frying your way through this game.

Ratatouille [Xbox 360]
Join the adventures of the would-be chef!


Ingredient Magazine
Recipes and articles, all for kids, all about food! This magazine is available in the children’s room at both our libraries.


Kids Cooking for Kids. Season 1 [eVideo]
These twin boys love to cook! To check out, click on the “instantly available on hoopla” link and download with your library card.

Ratatouille [DVD or Blu-ray]
Young Remy the rat dreams of becoming a great chef, and when he finds himself living beneath a famous restaurant, he begins his studies!

Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death [DVD]
Wallace and his amazing dog, Gromit, go into the bakery business - and Gromit has to keep Wallace safe from the competition!

Web Links

Recipes and all-important basic skills, like how to slice an onion, and learning about common kitchen measurements.

The Food Timeline
This timeline shows when different foods became common. Click on a food to learn more.

Café Zoom from PBS Kids
Dozens of recipes for drinks, snacks, main courses and desserts!

Fizzy’s Lunch Lab from PBS Kids
Games, music and more recipes!