In 1919, Bill Doak created the first modern baseball glove when he suggested adding some webbing and enlarging the thumb pocket. Doak knew his baseball: in his first full major-league season, he pitched 256 innings with a 1.72 ERA- still the best first year ever!

So You Think You Know Baseball? from Youth Baseball Daily
Challenge yourself with this online baseball knowledge quiz!

Games/Trivia from
Play games. Do word searches, take trivia quizzes and more.

MiniClip AllStar Baseball
Choose your team (squirrels or turkeys!) and see you can pitch, field, and bat to win! (This may take a minute to load.)

Make your own baseball card

Make and play your own Batter Up! Baseball Matching Game

Baseball Coloring Sheet

Some books below may be eBooks or audiobooks. Get help with downloadable books or ask a librarian or parent for help.


A Baseball Card Adventure [series] by Dan Gutman
Kids from our day find they can use baseball cards to travel back in time to crucial games, meeting famous players of the past, and sometimes trying to change history.

Keeping Score by Linda Sue Park
In Brooklyn in 1951, a die-hard Giants fan teaches nine-year-old Maggie, an avid "Bums" (Dodgers) fan, how to use a baseball score-keeping technique, and it creates a special friendship between them.

Ballpark Mysteries by David A. Kelly
Cousins Mike & Kate solve mysteries in America’s major-league parks, starting with Fenway, where Kate’s mom’s sportswriter job has gotten them all-access passes. These books include lots of baseball trivia and history, too.

King of the Mound: My Summer with Satchel Paige by Wes Tooke
After a year in the hospital fighting polio, and with a brace on one leg, twelve-year-old Nick takes a job with the minor league team for which his father is catcher, and gets to see the great pitcher, Satchel Paige, play during the 1935 season. Includes historical notes.

Heavy Hitters by Mike Lupica
Ben gets to play on the All-Star Baseball team but gets hit the first game of the season and it shakes him up.


Hey, Batta Batta Swing! The Wild Old Days of Baseball by Sally Cook
How did Babe Ruth get his nickname, and what did Roger Clemens give to keep his lucky number 21 when he switched teams? Lots of history and trivia for fans.

Silent Star: The Story of Deaf Major Leaguer William Hoy by Bill Wise
The story of the first long-career deaf player, and his fantastic performance. Fans didn’t cheer aloud for him- they threw confetti!

Something to Prove: The Great Satchel Paige vs. Rookie Joe DiMaggio by Robert Skead
In 1936, the New York Yankees wanted to test hot prospect Joe DiMaggio and put him up against Satchel Paige, the best pitcher anywhere, black or white. Whose talents and strategy would take the day?

Major League Baseball’s Best Ever a series by various authors
Enjoy this series’ separate books about the best MLB pitchers, catchers, infielders, outfielders, hitters and teams of all time!

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Baseball Is… by Louise Borden
Written by a real fan of the game, this is a tribute to the whole game: everything from players and fields to the fans and the scorecard.

The Everything Kids Baseball Book: From Baseball's History to Today's Favorite Players--with Lots of Home Run Fun in Between! by Greg Jacobs
Definitions of baseball terms and slang, baseball skills, history, great players, and more - even including some baseball puzzles! (Please make a copy them to solve them.)

The Cincinnati Reds by Mark Stewart
All about the Cincinnati Reds, including the team’s history and accomplishments, and access to a website with additional information, updates and photos.

Joyce Westerman: Baseball Hero
Westerman was an outfielder and catcher who played eight seasons of professional ball after she tried out for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League in 1945. She played the hard way, in a skirt.


Everyone's Hero [DVD]
When Babe Ruth's prized bat is stolen during the 1932 World Series, 10-year-old baseball fan Yankee Irving steps up to the plate to help retrieve it for his beloved idol, and embarks on a wild cross-country journey that teaches him the importance of perseverance and the true meaning of friendship.

Team Snoopy [DVD]
The Peanuts gang heads into baseball season.


Major League Baseball 2K13 [Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3] from 2K Sports
Major League Baseball 2K12 [Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2] from 2K Sports
Any of these will have you playing ball on your game system. Pitch to the best, even move the game to crazy settings!

The Cages: Pro Style Batting Practice [Wii]
Test yourself with 19 different pitches. Requires Wii and Wii MotionPlus.

Nicktoons MLB [Wii]
Have some laughs playing baseball with SpongeBob and other Nick characters.

ESPN Sports Connection [Wii U]
Baseball for 1-5 players on your WiiU. Also includes soccer, football and tennis.

Hall of Famers from the National Baseball Hall of Fame
Look up information about every member of the Hall of Fame, players, managers and more! Includes Major League Baseball and the Negro Leagues.

Baseball Reference
Love the numbers? Here’s access to statistics about teams, players, even managers!

Dayton Dragons
Dayton's home team webpage.

Major League Baseball Kids
Major League Baseball’s kids’ page, including links to the kids’ pages of every MLB team.