Star driver Jeff Gordon got his start racing as a kid, driving in "quarter midget" events. When he was six, he set five track records and won 35 main events!

Race Car Flags
Think you know your flags? Color the flags and match them with what they mean! Check your answers.

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Babymouse: Burns Rubber by Jennifer L. Holm
Babymouse's dreams of being a race car driver come true when she and her best friend Wilson enter a soap box derby.

Cars: The Junior Novelization adapted by Lisa Papademetriou
Lightning McQueen makes friends, and learns about racing and winning when he has to stop over in Radiator Springs. Based on the movie, Cars.

Double Jeopardy by Franklin Dixon
The Bayport Herald has given Frank & Joe press passes to cover the Formula One championship in Indianapolis, but there’s trouble at the track.

From Zero to Hero by Jeremy Diamond
When the janitor for Jack Diesel's racing team causes an explosion in a secret laboratory, he becomes Jimmy Dash, lead driver for Team Flatstock, known on the circuit as "Team Laughingstock." This is the first book in the NASCAR Heroes graphic novel series.

Peril at the Grand Prix: Italy by Elizabeth Singer Hunt
Secret agent Jack Stalwart transports to Italy to find out who wants to sabotage a driver’s chances in the Monza Grand Prix.

Race Forever by R.A. Montgomery
As a race car driver alone in Africa, you drive a dangerous, tough course against drivers who will do anything to win. This book is part of the Choose Your Own Adventure series.

Speed Demons adapted by Jasmine Jones
It’s summer, and Phineas and Ferb feel a need for speed, getting their mom’s car ready for the Swamp-Oil 500, and building a rollercoaster.


Hottest NASCAR Machines by K.C. Kelley
Learn about NASCAR cars, personalities, and races.

NASCAR by James Buckley, Jr.
The DK Eyewitness book about NASCAR, with tons of pictures and fascinating facts.

Collecting Stock Car Racing Memorabilia by Thomas S. Owens
Interested in collecting cool stock car stuff? This book will show you how to get started, including information on how to classify your cards by condition, how to be a smart buyer.

Dragsters by Sean McCollum
Learn about speed, daring and power in dragsters, including information about vehicle design, modification. Lots of fast facts and photos.

NASCAR Tech by Bob Woods
Take a look at the technology used in stock car racing, from computerized fuel plans to space-age racetracks.

Indy Cars by Paul Mason
All about Indy cars, from how they’re different from other race cars to the history of Indy car racing. Part of the Motorsports series.

NASCAR in the Driver's Seat by Mark Stewart
Read what it’s like to be a NASCAR driver.

Earning a Ride: How to Become a NASCAR Driver by Bob Woods
Learn how a driver gets to the highest level of stock-car racing by focusing on Ryan Newman's own career from go-karts to the Winston Cup Series.

Racing Against the Odds: The Story of Wendell Scott, Stock Car Racing's African-American Champion by Carole Boston Weatherford
Read about a groundbreaker in racing, Wendell Scott, whose career included a NASCAR championship race.

How to Draw Fast Cars, Monster Trucks and Fighter Jets by Christopher Hart
Learn to draw Porsches, Lamborghinis, stock cars, Formula One and more!

The Earnhardt NASCAR dynasty : the legacy of Dale Sr. and Dale Jr. by Stephanie Watson
The story of the Earnhardts and their racing legacy.

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Danica Patrick by Jeff Savage
Read about one of America’s most famous drivers, now competing in Indy and stock car events.

Fearless: The Story of Racing Legend Louise Smith by Barb Rosenstock
Louise Smith won thirty-eight races at a time when most girls weren't even allowed to drive.

The Math of NASCAR by Ian F. Mahaney
How do they figure out horsepower and fuel usage, and time taken by a pit stop?

Teamwork at the Track by Jim Gigliotti
Discover how a team of experts work together to make a NASCAR driver a winner!


Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo [DVD]
The VW with a heart joins and Paris-to-Monte Carlo road race.

The Fast and the Furry [DVD]
Straight out of the cartoons, Tom & Jerry join the Super Race to win a mansion, driving souped-up hotrods that can adapt to any environment.

Speed Racer: Volume 1 [DVD]
Watch the adventures of Speed, race-car driver and spy. Episodes from the classic animated TV series.

Car Comparison (Formula One, Indy and NASCAR Nextel Cup Cars) from the website of African-Americans in Motorsports
Full details and pictures showing the differences in the three kinds of race cars.

Taxi Gone Wild from Yahoo Kids
Play this online game! The taxi is in a race against the clock. Can you complete the trip before the clock runs out?

Tracks from Cranfield University’s Motorsport Mathematics
What are the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of tracks?

Formula Drivers from Cranfield University’s Motorsport Mathematics
What physical and mental skills do drivers of Formula-style race cars need?

Vehicles from Cranfield University’s Motorsport Mathematics
Read about five different kinds of racing vehicles, including karts, and how wind tunnels are used in testing the cars.