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Did You Know?

The Sphynx cat looks bald, but it may have a downy covering on its skin, and a lion tail (a puff of hair on the tip.)


Kittens in a Maze
Help the mother cat find her kittens!

Cat Breeds Word Search
Can you find all the breeds in the puzzle?

Cozy Cats Coloring Sheet
These cats are wide awake, but pup’s still asleep.

Go, Cheetah, Go! from PBS Kids
Race your cheetah around the track, then use your points to build a faster cheetah and race again. Learn how different body parts help the cheetah be fast!

Big Cats Memory game, from National Geographic Kids
Match up the tiles before you run out of tries!


That Domesticated Wild Cat- The Savannah! from Hopscotch Magazine
Read about the beautiful Savannah cat in this article.

Is Your Cat Right- or Left-handed?
Do cats favor one side over the other, like people do? Try this experiment (with permission, of course!) and see for yourself.


Catster Magazine
All about cats, in a monthly magazine with copies at both libraries.


Kitten Party [eVideo]
Whiskers and all of his kitten friends get together for just over an hour of live-action kitten fun. When you go to the catalog, click on “Instantly available on hoopla” to begin the checkout.

The Aristocats [DVD or Blu-Ray]
A French lady leaves her fortune to her cat, Duchess, and Duchess’ three kittens, but after the greedy butler tosses them out of the house, how will they ever get home? This Disney classic has lots of music!

Cat [DVD]
Discusses the evolution, anatomy, habitat, behavior, and secret lives of cats throughout history. From DK Eyewitness.

Garfield [DVD and eVideo]
The comic-strip cat who loves lasagna stars in these television episodes and movies. To access the eVideo, click on the title, then on the line that says “Instantly available on hoopla.”

Web Links

Quiz Whiz: Big Cats from National Geographic Kids
Are you a big cat fan? Test your knowledge.

Can You Really Train Your Cat? from National Geographic Kids
See a company of trained cats in a Cat Circus!

Amazing Animals, from National Geographic Kids
Check out these short videos about great wild members of the cat family!
African Lion

Cats, from the Humane Society of the United States
Lots of information about cats as pets, including a page for the most common cat problems, like scratching the furniture, or not using the litter box.