According to the San Diego Natural history Museum, the tallest dinosaur ever found was Ultrasaurus, who was tall enough to look into a sixth-floor window while standing flat-footed!

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Dinosaur Cove [series] by Rex Stone
Tom and Jamie discover a secret entrance to a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs.

The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur : USA by Elizabeth Singer Hunt
When an eager young scientist brings a dangerous flesh-eating dinosaur to life, Jack Stalwart, a secret agent with the Global Protection Force, must capture the dinosaur before it destroys New York City.

Dinos Are Forever by Greg Trine
With her uncle’s cape, fourth-grader Jo Schmo becomes a superhero, catching bank robbers and foiling a plan to take over San Francisco using reanimated dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs in Action by Geronimo Stilton
In this book, the seventh in the graphic-novel series, Geronimo and his friends travel back in time 140 million years to save Professor Volt.


DK Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Life
See an amazing variety of creatures, including early flying reptiles, the first fish, and ape-like animals.

The Kingfisher First Dinosaur Picture Atlas by David Burnie
Explore the prehistoric world with maps showing the different dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures that lived on each continent.

Dangerous Dinosaurs by Carey Scott
This uses a question-and-answer format to present the information about different kinds of dinosaurs.

The Random House Dinosaur Travel Guide by Kelly Milner Halls
Explore dinosaur history in the United States. This book includes world-renowned paleontological museum collections to theme parks and roadside attractions

Killer Dinosaurs by Liz Miles
Imagine that you parachute down to a secret island filled with prehistoric creatures…what will you find? Part of the series, Prehistoric Safari.

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3-D Dinosaur by John Woodward
An overview of the fiercest creatures that ever lived and the world they inhabited, with digital "pop-outs."

When Dinosaurs Lived [eBook series] by Kate Riggs
These six books cover one kind of dinosaur per book, each one including a virtual field trip to a museum with dinosaur fossils.

Dinosaur Find [Series in print and eBook formats] by Dougal Dixon
This series groups dinosaurs in books according to what they ate, their characteristics or their geography, for example feathered dinosaurs, or those from North America.


Chased by Dinosaurs [DVD]
Join zoologist Nigel Marven as he traipses through the eons on a quest to find the largest land animals that ever lived. Watch Marven's encounters with various dinosaurs, each brought to stunning life through computer animation techniques.

Dinosaur [DVD]
Narrated by Andrew Sachs, this DVD includes paleontology (study of fossils), dinosaur entomology (study of insects), theories of extinction and dinosaur physiology.

The Land Before Time [DVD]
A young brontosaurus is separated from his family and sets off to find the legendary Great Valley. First in the Land Before Time Series of movies.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Move through the exhibit at the museum. This will take a while to load on your computer.

Virtual Dinosaur Dig from Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Participate in a virtual dig, step by step!

Discovery Channel: Dinosaur Central
Articles and online videos with dinosaur facts.

Dinosphere, from the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
Take a virtual tour of the museum’s dinosaur display, or visit some of the ten pages on individual dinosaur types from a "teenage" T. Rex to Baby Louie, an Oviraptor.

Dinosaur Dig, from the San Diego Natural History Museum
Put on your pith helmet and venture through the Mesozoic Era. Find out how to find fossils, and consider meteors and mass extinction. Then try the Jurassic Jumble!