Dogs say hello by sniffing noses, so to say hello, sniff toward him - that’s dog talk! If he folds his ears back close to his head, that means, "Hello, Leader!"

Tail-Waggin’ Tutors
Love dogs? Ask your parent or guardian to register you for Tail-Waggin’ Tutors and read to a therapy dog! Open to kids who can read on their own, Kindergarten through grade 5.

Dog Coloring Sheet
Color this adorable little pooch!

Dogs Around the World from PBS
Click on "Launch Interactive" and see if you can match modern dog breeds with the country or region the breed came from. (Don’t worry- they give hints!)

Activities from the American Kennel Club
Find the Hidden Pictures
Canine Words Scramble

Bailey’s Responsible Dog Owner’s Coloring Book
Eight pages to choose from!

Bailey’s Responsible Dog Ownership Crossword Puzzle
Test your canine knowledge here.

Some books below may be eBooks or audiobooks. Get help with downloadable books or ask a librarian or parent for help.


Darling, Mercy Dog of World War I by Alison Hart
In England in 1917, Darling, a mischievous collie, must leave the children who love her when she is chosen for training as a mercy dog, to seek out injured soldiers on the battlefield and lead medics to them.

Stick Dog by Tom Watson
Stick Dog will make you laugh . . . he'll make you cry . . . but above all, he'll make you hungry. Follow Stick Dog as he goes on an epic quest for the perfect burger.

Shadow by Michael Morpurgo
Teenager Aman and his mother lose their loyal spaniel Shadow while escaping from Afghanistan, to flee to England, and have to depend on a friend and his grandfather to get Shadow back to them.

Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo
Ten-year-old India Opal describes her first summer in the town of Naomi, Florida, and all the good things that happen to her because of her big ugly dog, Winn-Dixie.

Showoff by Gordon Korman
After Griffin Bing rescues a Doberman, Luthor, from the pound, Luthor is framed for mishaps at a mall dog show.

One Dog and His Boy by Eva Ibbotson
When ten-year-old Hal learns that his wealthy parents only rented Fleck, the dog he always wanted, he and new friend Pippa take Fleck and four other dogs from the rental agency on a trek from London to Scotland, where Hal's grandparents live.

Spunky Tells All by Ann Cameron
Spunky the dog would be happy to share all of his secrets, but no matter how hard he tries to talk, it's all "yerf!" to his human family. When they decide that Spunky must want a friend - specifically, a cat - the headstrong kitty gets into trouble, and it's up to Spunky to save her, a job that turns out to be OK with him.

The Storm by Dayna Lorentz
When a hurricane forces the family of Shep, a German shepherd, to evacuate and leave him behind, other dogs show up and together, the dogs explore the whole empty city.


Dog by Juliet Clutton-Brock
This is the new-for-2014 DK Eyewitness series book about dogs, and includes all the great photographs and information you expect from this series, with facts about dogs’ evolution, how they were domesticated, their anatomy, behavior, and breeds.

Dog Heroes a series from Bearport Publishing
Check out this great 16-book series for books about all kinds of heroic dogs, from disabled dogs who get along anyway, to guide dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, the Dog Scouts of America, and much more.

Still curious? Explore another topic!


Ordinary Dogs, Extraordinary Friendships: Stories of Loyalty, Courage, and Compassion by Pam Flowers
Read eleven spellbinding stories of wisdom, loyalty, and courage in this book for dog lovers of all ages.

Is My Dog a Wolf? How Your Pet Compares to Its Wild Cousin by Jenni Bidner
Wolves do some things by instinct. Which of those does your dog do, too? How different are dogs from their ancestors?

Best Dogs Ever a series by Elaine Landau
Seventeen separate books about popular breeds, including beagles, poodles, Saint Bernards, Yorkshire terriers and more.

Little Lions, Bull Baiters and Hunting Hounds: A History of Dog Breeds by Jeff Crosby
Read how many breeds developed, including hunting dogs, herders, other working dogs and our own pets.

Puppy Care: A Guide to Loving and Nurturing Your Pet by Kim Dennis-Bryan
Find out how to keep your puppy healthy and happy with this fully illustrated guide.

Meet the Dogs of Bedlam Farm by Jon Katz
Four dogs live on the author’s farm, and each has a job to do. This is how they became a family, and lots of photos help tell the tale.


Dog Fancy
All about dogs, in a monthly magazine. (Magazines are available for checkout!)


Lady and the Tramp [DVD & Blu-ray]
The classic Disney animated story about Lady, the family dog, and Tramp, the lovable stray.

Dog [DVD]
Here’s the movie version of the information in DK’s Eyewitness Dog.

Balto [DVD]
Balto, a sled dog in Alaska, brings life-saving medicine to a distant town during an epidemic. An animated movie, based on a true story.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Kids Page: About Our Dogs
Dogs help the FBI keep our country safe. Click on the images on this page to read about the dogs, their backgrounds and how they help the FBI.

American Kennel Club for Kids/Juniors
The AKC’s page for kids, with information about the breeds, and lots of printable activities.

A Sled Dog Life from the Iditarod: Race Across Alaska at
Read about the lives, training and experiences of dogs running the famous Iditarod in Alaska. Click on article headings on the left side of the screen to read them all.

Gem City Dog Obedience Club
Gem City is a dog training club open to all members of the community. They are a volunteer organization and offer classes and activities for dogs and their owners.

Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association
MVPTA offers pet therapy in our area. See a video of some of their therapy pets in action. (Note: for rules about kids volunteering, see MVPTA’s application.) MVPTA, which offers pet therapy in our area. See a video of some of their therapy pets in action. (Note: kids must be at least 14 years old to volunteer in this program with a parent, or 16 & up to volunteer on their own, with a parent’s permission.)

A Sled Dog Life from the Iditarod: Race Across Alaska at
Read about the lives, training and experiences of dogs running the famous Iditarod in Alaska. Click on article headings on the left side of the screen to read them all.

The Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals (SICSCA)
A private non-profit animal welfare group dedicated to saving the Miami Valley’s homeless cats and dogs.