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Did You Know?

Orcas, the biggest members of the dolphin family, can swallow a sea lion whole!


Dolphin Word Search
See if you can find all the words!

Coral Reef Activity Book from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
The health of coral reefs can reflect how healthy the water is for dolphins, too. Enjoy this great activity book with coral reef information, coloring pages, mazes, a mad lib and more!

Bottlenose Dolphins
Print out this coloring page from National Geographic Kids.


Dolphin Tale, and Dolphin Tale 2 [Blu-ray and DVD]
In Dolphin Tale, a brave but injured dolphin is found by compassionate strangers. Inspired by a true story!
In Dolphin Tale 2, the aquarium staff must locate a companion for Winter the dolphin, before regulations force them to ship her elsewhere.

Kid Guides: Kids Sea Camp Curacao [DVD]
Brittney attends Curaçao's Dolphin Academy, where she learns to be a dolphin trainer, learns to care for them and prepare their food, and gradually, to work with them as they practice their tricks.

Flipper [DVD]
The son of a Florida Keys fisherman saves an injured dolphin who turns out to be an unusually gifted creature.

Flipper's New Adventure [DVD]
Flipper helps rescue an English family that's being held captive by pirates!

Deep Sea Dive [DVD]
This movie from National Geographic lets you explore the world's oceans from surface to seafloor, and come face to face with great whales, friendly dolphins, scary sharks, and all the ocean's amazing treasures.

Web Links

Pacific Whitesided Dolphin from Alaska Fisheries Science Center
Learn about this variety of dolphin, which sometimes travels in groups of thousands!

Bottlenose Dolphin from Animal Fact Guide
The site includes facts, a picture of a dolphin before birth, and a video of dolphins playing with bubble rings!

Commerson’s Dolphins Animal InfoBook from SeaWorld
A Commerson’s dolphin eats food equal to about 10% of its body weight every day, and that’s a lot of fish!

Dolphin Video Playlist from National Geographic Kids
Scroll down to the dolphin video image, then click on the icon in the top left corner to choose from among 15 dolphin videos!

Orca from National Geographic Kids
Photos and facts about the largest of all dolphins, also known as the "killer whale."

Dolphins from Magic Porthole
Read the Dolphins page, then try out their quiz and wordsearch!