According to American Heritage Dictionary, a dragon is: "A mythical monster traditionally represented as a gigantic reptile having a lion's claws, the tail of a serpent, wings, and a scaly skin."

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The Dragon of Never-Was by Ann Downer
With the help of a bottle of blue fire and a magical brooch, Theodora searches for a dragon on an island off the coast of Scotland before it causes any harm. (Sequel to Hatching Magic)

The Red Dragon Codex by R.D. Henham
Mudd must seek a silver dragon's help to rescue Shemnara, an old woman who is practically his mother, when she is kidnapped by a red dragon.

The Book of the Sword
In Europe during the Dark Ages, eleven-year-olds Edmund and Elspeth must again battle ancient, evil forces, when Elspeth's magical sword guides them to the lair of Loki, a monstrous being who the sword was forged to kill.


Dr. Ernest Drake's Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons by Ernest Drake
Observations from a dragon specialist.

Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real by Carrie E. Holcomb
Discusses dragon biology, and explains how they would have been able to fly and breathe fire.

Dragons by Lucille Recht Penner
Relates myths about dragons from different countries, including where they live, what they eat, and how they look, as well as how the myths may have developed.

A Practical Guide to Dragons by Lisa Trumbauer
A handbook of dragon facts, illustrations and history.

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Dragons, Myths and Legends
Take a remarkable jouney into the myths and legends of dragons. Ancient art and writings reveal the many sightings and stories that have propelled the legend of these awesome beasts through the ages.

Dragon's World: A Fantasy Made Real
What if the dragons were real? With CGI special effects, this landmark exploration takes an in-depth look at this beast of myth and fable.

Draconika Dragons
A website about dragons, fantasy and role-playing.