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Did You Know?

The Rafflesia of Indonesia is one big, stinky flower! It has blooms up to three feet wide, can weigh in at 25 pounds, and it smells like rotten eggs!


Gardening Word Scramble
Dig for the gardening words in this scramble!

Secret Garden Maze
Help the gardening gnome get back into the secret garden in our printable maze.

Make Seed Paper, from NASA's Climate Kids page
When is a recycled product better than the original? When it's paper that turns into flowers! Recycle unwanted paper into something new, cool and plantable!


Eyewitness Plant [DVD]
Take a colorful tour of the world's most amazing plants. See buds burst, flowers bloom, and discover all the ways plants struggle to survive.

Seeds and Plants [DVD]
Learn how the plant cycle works, seeds to plants to seeds again.

Web Links

Make a Terrarium Mini-Garden, from NASA's Climate Kids
Learn to make your own little garden in a container, which could even be a fishbowl or a glass cookie jar!

Plant Hardiness Zone Map
Many seed packets and nursery plants like flowers tell what "hardiness zones" the plants will thrive in. Find what zone you're in with this easy-to-use interactive map from the US Department of Agriculture.

My First Garden from the University of Illinois
An easy, step-by-step guide to making your own garden. Grow your own totally delicious vegetables, and flowers, too! At the bottom of their page, click on other links for more great information, including how to choose a location for your garden.

Make Your Own Earthworm Farm from the US Bureau of Land Management
Worms are great helpers in garden soil. Watch them at work in your own earthworm farm, and then add them to your garden!

Composting for Kids from the Texas Agricultural Extension Service
Scroll through this slide show to learn how to turn leaves and other plant waste into great free mulch for your garden! The slideshow will take a minute to download.

What Tree is It?
A fun, interactive way to identify Ohio trees by fruit, leaf or name.