According to Guinness, the record for the most kites flown by one person at one time is 43! The record was set in China in 2006. Imagine keeping those strings straight!

A Tangled Day Out
Can you figure out which kite-flyer is flying which kite? Follow the strings if you can!

The Virtual Kite Zoo Quiz
How much do you know about kites? Take the quiz and find out! (This page takes a minute to load.)

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! by Nancy Krulik
[also available in downloadable eBook*]
In a typical "switcheroo" fashion, Katie runs into complications helping a friend, and being in the fourth-grade kite competition…or is that "kite fight?"

High Hopes for Addy by Connie Porter
In this American Girl story set in Philadelphia in the 1860s, Addy competes in a kite festival!

The Kite Fighters by Linda Sue Park
[also available in downloadable eAudiobook*]
In Korea in 1473, two brothers join forces to fly a kite for the boy king in the annual kite-fighting competition.

Little Leap Forward: A Boy in Beijing by Guo Yue
In Communist China in 1966, a young boy learns about freedom while flying kites with his best friend. This story is based on events from the author’s own childhood in China.

Windblowne by Stephen Messer
Oliver crashes every kite he tries to fly, so with the kite festival approaching, he asks his uncle, a former champion, for help. During a battle of attack kites, his uncle disappears, then the whole town goes, too…What’s happening? This book blends kites and fantasy.

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Asian Kites by Wayne Hosking
Learn to make 15 different kites, including the Thai Cobra kite, and the Butterfly from China.

Marvelous Mini-Kites by Norman Schmidt
For the serious kite-builder, here are 17 patterns for kites, all made from regular copier paper.

The Usborne Book of Kites by Susan Mayes
Learn kite construction, from the paper pattern to the knots holding the frame and tail, how to make your own reel and kite line, and how to fly it! Includes detailed instructions for six kites.

Water Sports by Bob Woods
You may be familiar with sports like water skiing, but have you ever heard of kitesurfing?


Shaun the Sheep: Back in the Ba-a-ath [DVD]
Shaun doesn’t say much, but he’s funny – especially flying a kite. Along with "Kite," the DVD includes seven other episodes.

Kites from DragonflyTV at PBS Kids Go!
Check out the video showing how different kite shapes compare, trying the same flight moves, and watch one of the kids in an actual competition.

Learn2MakeaKite from
Learn to make two basic kites, including one that uses only tissue paper, a plastic garbage bag, tape, scissors and plastic straws.

The Virtual Kite Zoo
All kinds of kite information, designs, history, and pictures! (This page takes a minute to load.)

How to Fly a Kite from the National Kite Month
How to get your kite off the ground and into the air!

Why Kites Fly from the National Kite Month
How does it work? All about lift, drag and gravity.

Kite Safety from the National Kite Month
Things to remember when you head out with that kite!