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Harry Houdini, whose real name was Eric Weiss, adopted his stage name to honor Frenchman Jean Louis Robert-Houdin. Houdin had been sent some books of magic tricks by mistake, became a magician, and opened the world’s first ‘magical’ theater!


Magic Trick How-To Videos
Learn over a dozen tricks, including the Best Coin Trick Ever, and the Greatest and Simplest Rope Magic Trick!

Magician’s Toolbox Word Search
Use your own magic to find all the words!

Tricky Crossword
Use the clues to find the correct magical words!


Magician's Secrets [eVideo]
In this 40-minute downloadable video, professional magician Anthony Lindan teaches the viewer specially selected table-top magic tricks for beginning magicians, and gives tips for creating your own unique performance.

Darby O’Gill and the Little People [DVD, eVideo]
A Disney live-action movie with some Irish magic! A frisky old storyteller, Darby O'Gill, desperately seeking a pot of gold, must match wits with a leprechaun king.

Web Links

Illusion the Sixth from author Sid Fleischman
According to Sid, ‘This trick is so good you’re going to fool yourself!’ Get a deck of cards and try it out!

Magic Tricks from Kidzone
Magic tricks assembled by a family web team.

MysteryNet’s Kids Mysteries Magic Tricks
This site offers mysteries to solve, scary stories, and magic tricks for kids.

The Harry Potter Lexicon
Even though Harry isn’t a magician (he’s a wizard), this site is too much fun to leave out! It's all about Harry’s magical world!