Mexico’s full formal name is Estados Unidos Mexicanos, or United Mexican States, and there are 31 states, plus the Distrito Federal, where the capital is located.

Mexican Flag Coloring Page from Activity Village
Print out this page and color the flag! See the colors of the flag and what they mean from World Book Online Kids.

Printable Map of Mexico from Education Place
Color a map of Mexico! Color the outline areas on the map in different colors - they’re states, plus the Distrito Federal (kind of like the US states and the District of Columbia.)

Some books below may be eBooks or audiobooks. Get help with downloadable books or ask a librarian or parent for help.


Prietita and the Ghost Woman [Prietita y La Llorona] by Gloria Anzaldúa
Prietita, a young Mexican American girl, becomes lost in her search for an herb to cure her mother and is aided by the legendary ghost woman.

The Quest for Aztec Gold: Mexico by Elizabeth Singer Hunt
Jack, searching for his missing brother Max, must hunt down a stolen map that leads to hidden Aztec gold before a ruthless treasure hunter can find it, in this story taking place in Mexico.

Eating Enchiladas by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
A sleepover inspires Sarah, who likes to do things differently, to choose Mexico for her "Countries of the World" presentation.

Enjoy these books partially or completely in Spanish, the national language of Mexico!

El Arbol Generoso [The Giving Tree] by Shel Silverstein
A young boy goes through life experiencing the love and generosity of a tree, which gives to him without thought of return.

Harry Potter y la Camara Secreta [Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets] by J.K. Rowling
Challenge yourself with Harry Potter in Spanish.

Judy Moody y la Declaración de Independencia [Judy Moody Declares Independence] by Megan McDonald
Judy makes her own Declaration of Independence, in Spanish!


Mexico by Deborah Kent
Learn about the country, its traditions, people, food and more.

Mexico by Elizabeth Berg
This book is about the holidays and festivals of Mexico.

Cultural Traditions in Mexico by Lynn Peppas
What fill an egg with confetti? What’s a quiceañera? And who was Benito Juarez? Find out here.

Fun with Mexican Cooking by Karen Ward
Prepare yummy Mexican dishes at home. This book includes plenty of colorful photos to help show what to do.

Viva Frida! by Yuyi Morales
This new easy-to-read biography of the famous artist was written and illustrated by another Mexican-born artist, Yuyi Morales

Day of the Dead: A Latino Celebration of Family and Life by Carol Gnojewski
All about the Mexican celebration honoring relatives who have died.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by Carolyn Otto
Text and lots of color photos show and explain the celebrations.

Way Cool Spanish Phrase Book by Jane Wightwick
Learn the words and phrases that are really helpful for speaking with people in Spanish.

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A database is a reliable information source you reach electronically, not always even available on the public Internet. You can reach these two (and lots of others!) through the library.

Mexico Information from Kids InfoBits
Try out Kids InfoBits, a new database for kids! Click on the link above to see what InfoBits can tell you about Mexico.

Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos
This is the library’s Spanish-language encyclopedia for kids. If you know some Spanish, try it out here!


Kids Love Spanish [DVD]
Learn Spanish at your own pace with this 7-DVD set.

See these movies the way they would in Mexico! To hear and see Spanish in action, choose the Spanish language for the characters to speak, or Spanish subtitles when you set up the audio!

Dragons, Defenders of Berk, Part I [DVD]
Join Hiccup and his brave Viking friends as they battle surprising new enemies in ten fun-filled animated adventures, based on the hit movie How to Train Your Dragon.

The Pirate Fairy from Disney [DVD or Blu-Ray]
A fairy leaves Pixie Hollow to join the pirates, and Tink leads the other fairies in a battle against them!

Mickey, Donald, Goofy. The Three Musketeers [DVD]
Best buddies Mickey, Donald and Goofy are small-time janitors with big dreams of becoming Musketeers. Powered by teamwork and friendship, they soon discover they can accomplish anything if they work together.


¡A Bailar! = To Dance: Spanish Learning Songs by Jorge Anaya
Fun music to dance to, while you learn a little Spanish, too! The included booklet translates the songs’ words into English.

Piñata Party! by Moona Luna
These songs blend English and Spanish.

Mexico from National Geographic Kids
An easy-to-read look at the country.

Map of Mexican State Names, from the University of California San Diego
Many maps don’t show the names of the states, but this one does!

Los Bloguitos [The Little Blog]
Do you speak and read Spanish? Look here for stories, poems, rhymes, pictures, and much more. Los Bloguitos es un blog para niños y niñas que hablan y leen español. Encontrarás cuentos, poesías, adivinanzas, dibujos y mucho más. This was named a Great Website for Kids by the American Library Association.

Discovery Kids in Spanish
Videos and games featuring favorite characters from Discovery Kids.
Videos y juegos que presentan sus personajes favoritos de Discovery Kids.