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Did You Know?

If you have a "Benjamin," you have a $100-dollar bill, because Ben Franklin’s picture is on it - and that’s a lot of moolah (money)!


Money Madness Criss Cross

Mohawk Ironworkers Coin Coloring Page from the U.S. Mint
One of the mint’s coloring pages showing coins with Native Americans. This one shows the dollar coin with a Mohawk ironworker on the Empire State Building.

Lemonade Stand Game from
You have thirty days to run a lemonade stand. See how much money you can make!

Money Memory from the US Treasury
The familiar memory game, with images to match from or about US money!


Biz Kid$ [eVideo]
Seventeen episodes of a funny and informative series all about money, featuring kids who run their own businesses!

School House Rock: Money [DVD]
Learn about earning money from the Schoolhouse Rock team, with music! Includes English subtitles for the hearing-impaired.

Piggy Banks to Money Markets [DVD]
Get tips on running a business, saving, spending and investing!

Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death [DVD]
Inventive Wallace and his creative and wily dog Gromit set out to earn some dough in the baking business, but their plan goes very, very awry when they encounter a wicked and dangerous competitor.

Web Links

Great Minds Think: A Kid’s Guide to Money
A colorful workbook about money, from The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

A Smart Girl’s Guide to Money - Get Set for Success Game from American Girls
(Usable by guys, too!)Take the Biz Quiz for a look at what might be a good business for you. Then, under "Games and Activities," click on "Get Set for Success" to read tips to help keep you safe in business, and access a page where you can make your own business cards and stationery, and print out business forms! from Northwestern Mutual
Learn to manage money wisely. Try the Be Your Own Boss Challenge and The Truth about Millionaires quiz.

TreasuryDirect® Kids, from the United States Department of the Treasury
Cool information, videos and games to help you learn about money, and about debt (money that’s owed to someone else).

Field Trip to the Money Factory from
Take a look at how money is actually designed and printed.