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Did You Know?

These games really move! A well-hit hockey puck can reach 90 miles per hour!


Winter Olympics Word Search
See how many different winter sports you can find in this puzzle!

Summer Olympics Word Search
See how many different summer sports you can find in this puzzle!

Design a medal for the Youth Olympic Games
Did you know there are separate Olympic Games for younger athletes? The next ones will be in Buenos Aires in 2018! Submit your design and it may be chosen for medals!

Arctic Fox Snowboarding from National Geographic Kids
Can you pull off high-flying snowboarding moves in the half-pipe, or will you wipe out? Hit the arrows at the right times to keep your fox moving.

Husky Slalom from National Geographic Kids
Guide your mouse through the gates, and click to jump!


Miracle [DVD]
Rated PG, this film based on actual events tells the story of the most famous team in American sports history: the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team.

Cool Runnings [DVD]
This comedy, rated PG, is inspired by the true story of Jamaica's first Olympic bobsled team.

Gym Teacher: The Movie [DVD]
A former Olympic athlete, now working as a gym teacher, tries to win the Gym Teacher of the Year contest, but a kid with no sports skills may stand in his way!

Ice Princess [DVD]
17-year-old Casey, an ice skater, is doing a summer project that will show how physics is involved in competitive figure skating. She’s a fine skater and wants to compete. She also wants to continue her education. Will she have the time to compete AND go on to college?

X-treme Sports & Other Action Adventures [DVD]
Hit the mountains to meet some Olympic snowboarders, and get into other exciting sports, too!

Web Links

Team U.S.A. from the United States Olympic Committee
Website of the United States Olympic Committee, with information on sports and athletes.

PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics
Official website of this winter's competitions, to be held in February in the Republic of Korea.

Official Website of the Olympic Movement
Information about the entire Olympic movement. Under Sports, click on the sport you’re curious about for information and videos, too!

Science of the Olympic Games from NBC Learn and the National Science Foundation
Hungry for some sports science? Check out these videos covering everything from hockey slap-shot physics to the air lift involved in a ski jump.