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Did You Know?

The world’s biggest walking robot, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is a dragon named Fanny, created for a German play. The robot is 51 ½ feet long, nearly 27 feet high, and actually spits fire!


Robots Rule Crossword Puzzle
How well do you know your robots? Solve this crossword puzzle.

Design Squad Build from PBS Kids.
Each of these cool devices uses a battery. A couple require special supplies. All will have you thinking while you design.

Gingerbread Robot
from the NASA students’ site - Just for fun, make a cool robot from gingerbread cookies! One recipe makes two robots. (Cool snack for a robotics team meeting!)

Make a Balloon-powered Nanorover from NASA Spaceplace.
NASA built a tiny rover just a couple of inches high to explore the surface of an asteroid and take pictures. You can build a one, too, from three foam meat trays. (This project may call for some help from a grownup.)

ROVER (Robotic Online Virtual Exploration Rover from National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Plan and pre-set a path that will move the rover around obstacles to its target.


Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
When his parents are kidnapped by aliens, the boy with the robot dog assembles an interstellar starfleet to rescue them.

Wallace & Gromit [DVD and Blu-Ray]
Wallace and his silent, but oh-so-smart dog, Gromit use (and invent!) robots every day, starting with the machines that get Wallace out of bed in the morning!

WALL-E [DVD or Blu-Ray]
After hundreds of years with only a cockroach for a companion, a robot finds a new purpose in life when another robot appears.

Web Links

National Geographic Kids Robots Video Playlist
Amazing videos all about robots! To navigate among them, go to the menu in the top left corner of the video screen.

NASA’s Robots in Space
Check out the rockin' spiderbot in the video partway down the page, then enjoy the rest of the features.

Roboticists Answer Our Questions, from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Read what real robotics workers have to say about how they became interested in robotics, what they did in school to prepare, and what they do on the job.

Awesome 8 Rad Robots from National Geographic Kids.
See and read about these eight awesome robots!

White House Maker Faire
Read about inventions featured at the very first maker faire at the White House, including an electric giraffe.

First Lego League
First Lego League is a problem-solving competition for kids, where teams create working robots.