Sharks have no bones at all. Their skeletons are made of cartilage – like the hard part of your nose!

  • Critter Cards and Games, from the Monterey Bay Aquarium - Print and color the Sharks, Skates and Rays Critter Cards, then play one of the fun games.
  • Shark School of Art, from the Monterey Bay Aquarium - Learn to draw this shark, then do the Activity Sheet and make a shark cartoon!
  • Blacktip Sharks Coloring Page, from SeaWorld and Busch Gardens - Color this Blacktip Shark!
  • Touch the Sharks, at Newport Aquarium - Visit the Sharks web page to see pictures, or better yet, if your family goes to Newport Aquarium, don’t miss this!

  • Some books below may be eBooks or audiobooks. Get help with downloadable books or ask a librarian or parent for help.


    Shark Wars series by E.J. Altbacker
    Start with Book One, also called Shark Wars, in which a young reef shark must bring peace to the ocean, then return to his reef home.

    Scary Shark Stories by Scott Ingram
    A collection of stories about sharks, including "Megamouth", "Old White Tip", and "Future Shark".

    The Shark Attacks of 1916 by Lauren Tarshis
    That summer, the New Jersey coast was terrorized by a shark. Based on true events.

    Swimming with Sharks by Twig C. George
    Sarah is ten when she spends a Florida summer with her grandfather, a retired marine biologist, and helps him track sharks - and the fishermen who are illegally capturing them!

    Dolphins at Daybreak by Mary Pope Osborne
    Part of the famous series, this book takes Jack and Annie into the sea, where they meet doth dolphins and sharks. Check out the "nonfiction companion" book that pops up first in the link, too!


    Everything Sharks by Ruth Musgrave
    Easy reading, great photos, and packed with lots of information, too, from National Geographic.

    Face to Face with Sharks by David Doubilet
    Striking underwater photos show sharks in the wild- even one attacking the photographer’s diving cage!

    Paleo Sharks: Survival of the Strangest by Timothy J. Bradley
    An illustrated introduction to sharks thought to have lived during prehistoric eras, comparing the size of the extinct creature with a Great White and a human swimmer.

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    Shark Encounters by Michael Patrick O'Neill
    Amazing photographs of sharks!

    Sharks: Facts at Your Fingertips from DK Publishing
    This small-format book has 156 pages, with over 150 species of shark: where they live, what they eat, and how fast they swim.

    Sharks: Biggest! Littlest! by Sandra Markle
    Photos and information about Ornate Wobbegongs, Longnose Sawsharks, and ten others, and a map showing where they live.


    Captain Jon’s Shark Safari [DVD]
    Come nose to nose with dozens of sharks, discover amazing facts about them, and learn how to avoid sharks when you’re swimming!

    Sea of Sharks [DVD]
    See sharks close up, in this informational movie from Disney.

    Shark [DVD]
    This DK Eyewitness movie explores the murky world of sharks to discover what’s true about sharks - and what’s not true.

    Sharks: Knights of the Sea [DVD]
    Come face to face with sharks, and take a peek inside a real shark cage.

    Shark Week Q & A with Arnold from the South Carolina Aquarium
    Answers from Arnold, who cares for the sharks in the Great Ocean Tank, the deepest aquarium tank in North America.

    San Diego Natural History Museum, Shark School FAQs
    Did you know there are over 350 species of sharks? Get your FAQs right here!

    San Diego Natural History Museum, Shark Search
    Do this shark word search online, or print it out. See the answers here.

    San Diego Natural History Museum, Shark Fact or Fantasy? and Shark Bytes
    Challenge yourself with these quizzes, then print a certificate to show you did it!

    National Geographic Kids - Tiger Sharks vs. Turtles
    Why are Loggerhead Turtles five times as likely as Green Turtles to become a shark’s lunch? Learn with the scientists using Critter Cams.

    National Geographic Kids - Quiz Your Noodle: Sharks!
    Try this quiz to find out what you do and don’t know about sharks!