ASL (American Sign Language) was originally based on another form of sign: French Sign language!

Sign a Joke! Print out the Manual Alphabet, then decode the joke!

Some books below may be eBooks or audiobooks. Get help with downloadable books or ask a librarian or parent for help.


Nobody’s Perfect, by Marlee Matlin
Fourth-grader Megan is sure that Alexis, the "perfect" new girl dislikes her because she is deaf, that’s not it; Alexis is afraid she isn’t perfect at all.


Handtalk School, by Mary Beth Miller
The kids at a school for the deaf put on a Thanksgiving play!

North American Indian Sign Language, by Karen Liptak
Long before Thomas Gallaudet, Native American people used a sign language of their own to communicate among hearing people who spoke different languages.

Signing for Kids, by Mickey Flodin
This book shows signs by topic, and includes pets, people, numbers, sports, travel, science, thoughts and feelings, and more.

Signing Fun: American Sign Language Vocabulary, Phrases, Games & Activities, by Penny Warner
Learn some signs, and look at the back for a chapter full of signing games and activities!

All about Sign Language: Talking with Your Hands, by Felicia Lowenstein
Learn how sign developed and the impact it’s had on some famous lives!

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Native American Sign Language, by Madeline Olsen
A shorter book about Native American sign, this includes information about Native American life in the past.

You Can Learn Sign Language!: More Than 300 Words in Pictures, by Jackie Kramer
Color photos of kids signing the words will help you learn the alphabet, numbers and lots of vocab!

My Heart Glow, by Emily Arnold McCully
Learn how Thomas Gallaudet developed American Sign Language and established our country's first school for the deaf.


American Sign Language for Kids:
Beginner Level 1, Volume 1 [DVD]
Beginner Level 1, Volume 2 [DVD]
Learn about sign and about deaf culture, too.

A Pocket for Corduroy --and More Stories about Friendship [DVD]
Enjoy a familiar story told in sign!

The Miracle Worker [DVD]
This famous movie tells the story of how Helen Keller, blind and deaf, learned to communicate with her hands.

Sign Design, from PBS Kids
Learn to sign your name, talk about stuff you like and don’t like, and ask questions in sign. Marc Brown’s Arthur may be mostly for younger kids, but not when he’s teaching you how to sign!

ASL for Kids, from ThinkQuest
ThinkQuest is a program that challenges young people to develop creative products using technology. This website was developed by kids in the program, and uses photography and video to show how to sign things. Get more information about the ThinkQuest program.