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Besides American Sign Language (ASL), which is used in over 30 countries and territories, there are another 140 sign languages world-wide!


Sign a Joke!
Print out the Manual Alphabet, then decode the joke!


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American Sign Language for Kids:
Learn about sign and about deaf culture, too.

Beginner Level 1, Volume 1 [DVD] or [eVideo]

Beginner Level 1, Volume 2 [DVD] or [eVideo]

Goodnight Moon - and More Great Bedtime Stories [DVD]
Goodnight Moon and two other bedtime stories, told in sign.

A Pocket for Corduroy - and More Stories about Friendship [eVideo]
Enjoy stories about friends, told in sign!

The Miracle Worker [eVideo]
This famous movie tells the story of how Helen Keller, blind and deaf, learned to communicate with her hands.

Web Links

Sign Design, from PBS Kids
Active learning from PBS! Learn to sign your name, talk about stuff you like and don’t like, and ask questions, all in sign. Marc Brown’s Arthur may be mostly for younger kids, but not when he’s teaching you to sign!

Deaf Planet Sports Village
On this Canadian site for deaf and hearing kids alike, select an item from the scrolling display at the top to learn about sports- in ASL! Deaf Planet is an ALA Great Website for Kids.