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Did You Know?

An 80-pound person would weigh only 13.2 pounds on the moon – but over 202 pounds on Jupiter! See: Your Weight on Other Worlds. Why? Gravity! Bigger space bodies have more gravitational "pull."


Make a Star Clock! from Sky and Telescope Magazine
Did you know you can use the stars to tell time at night? Find out how. See more fun family activities!

Astronomy Games from
Create a sliding puzzle, take a quiz, try a memory game!

Go to the Head of the Solar System from NASA Kids Club
Play the online game. Then, check out all the other fun activities!


Bill Nye the Science Guy: Outer Space [DVD]
Bill gives the inside scoop on planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe.

Animated Hero Classics: Galileo [DVD]
The story of the astronomer who discovered the sun was the center of our solar system.

Planets [DVD]
Journey through space and time, witnessing the birth of the sun and traveling to the outer limits of the solar system.

Squibs in Space: Earth, Moon, Sun, & Beyond [DVD]
The basics of space science, taught in a fun way!

Squibs in Force: Gravity, Friction, & Work [DVD]
Ever wonder if Earth could ever fall into the sun? Learn all about gravity in this video!

Web Links

Astronomy for Kids from Astronomy magazine
Learn about asteroids, comets, stargazing and more.

Astronomy Picture of the Day from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
An awesome new image every day!

Hubble Site
See amazing photos the Hubble Telescope has taken, and on the Tonight’s Sky, page, view videos explaining the night sky each month.

Marc’s Observatory
This site, maintained by an amateur astronomer, is a fun, interactive mixture of facts about space, including constellations. Click on "Find It" to learn how to use a star chart.

NASA Space Place
Games, activities and crafts all about space, from NASA!

Space Scoop
Explore the Universe and learn about exciting new discoveries. Click on the light blue "A" circle on the right to translate into one of dozens of languages! This is an ALA Great Website for Kids.