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Did You Know?

In one week in 1959, Mt. Shasta, California got 189 inches (over 15 feet) of snow!


Design your own snowflake and send it to your friends!

Help the kids get to their skates in this Skating Maze.

Try a Blizzard Word Search!

Test your knowledge of winter weather with an interactive quiz at Scholastic’s Weather Watch.


All about Rain, Snow, Sleet & Hail [DVD]
Learn about the many forms of precipitation, the forces that cause them, and how water in one form changes to another.

Frozen [DVD or Blu-ray]
The classic story about a kingdom trapped in eternal winter.

Balto [DVD]
A sled dog in Alaska makes a tough journey to bring life-saving medicine to a town, through a blizzard, during a diphtheria epidemic. An animated story based on a true event.

Tom and Jerry Tales. Volume Six [DVD]
Tom and Jerry run hot and cold with some chilly silliness, cockeyed hockey, and an all-out snowball war, among lots of other adventures.

Stranger in the Woods, the Movie [DVD]
Forest animals are curious when a mysterious stranger – actually a snowman - appears in their woods. The director filmed actual wild animals in a wintry forest.

Web Links

Weather WizKids Winter Storms
What’s a frost quake? How is sleet different from freezing rain?

The Official Snowflake Bentley Web Site
See some of the most famous pictures of individual snowflakes. Click on each snowflake to see a bigger image. Snowflake Bentley himself is the subject of a Caldecott Medal-winning book, called just Snowflake Bentley.’s Guide to Snowflakes
From physics professor Kenneth G. Libbrecht at Caltech, lots of photos of individual snowflakes, a guide for identifying snowflake types, and even two videos that show snowflakes growing!.

All about Snow, from the National Snow & Ice Data Center
In the section "Snow Characteristics," read about the colors of snow. Other sections tell about types of snow, how it forms, and avalanches!

Winter Storms, from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
An informational coloring book with quizzes to test your winter knowledge and survival know-how. Check your answers.