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Curious Kids: Myths & Beasts

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Curious Kids Myths & Beasts

Did You Know?

Christopher Columbus once thought he saw mermaids on shore and was disappointed that they weren’t pretty.(But no wonder – he was looking at manatees!)

Some books below may be eBooks or audiobooks. ask a librarian or parent for help.

Fiction Books

Non-fiction Books

Fun Activities

Myths & Monsters, from the Smithsonian Institution
Take this online quiz and check your knowledge of monsters, real and imagined.

A Mermaid and Her Friends Coloring Sheet
Color this picture of a mythological mermaid and her friends!

Harry Potter Word Scramble
See how many words you can find!

Athena the Brain Reader’s Theater
Five roles to read in a quick skit about the characters from the Goddess Girls books by Joan Holub. It may tempt you to read the series!


Hercules [DVD]
This is the Disney animated musical version of the labors and life of the mythical hero.

The Gods of Olympus [DVD]
Find out how Zeus became the king of the gods, meet the major characters in Greek mythology.

The Journeys of Odysseus [DVD]
In Greek mythology, brave Odysseus ruled the kingdom of Ithaca with his clever and beautiful queen. After leading his troops to victory in the Trojan War, Odysseus began a long and dangerous journey home—the original "odyssey."

The Last Unicorn [DVD]
The last unicorn learns that she can save her brothers and sisters only if she challenges the Red Bull, and goes to the castle of the evil Lord Haggard to do so. Unicorns have been part of mythology in many countries, including China, India and Greece.

The Little Mermaid [DVD]
Mermaids are magical beings in European folklore. This is the classic animated movie from Disney, in which a mermaid dreams of being human.


Myths: Writing Workshop with Jane Yolen
Read how to write a myth, and then write one of your own. You may be able to share it on the website!

Mayan Mythology from The Exploratorium
Read about the myths of the ancient Mayans, with links to illustrations and maps showing cultural sites.

Timeless Myths, at Timeless Myths.com
Read about the mythology of Greece, Rome, Scandinavia and the Celts, as well as the King Arthur legends, too!

Odyssey Online, from Emory University, the University of Rochester and Dallas Museum of Art
Learn about the myths and cultures of Rome, Greece, Egypt and ancient groups in the area of modern Iran & Iraq , as well as the cultures of the Ancient Americas and Africa.

Mythology, from Windows to the Universe, a project of the National Earth Science Teachers Association
Check this one for myths from many places and times, and some very cool Greek, Norse and Roman family trees of the gods!