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This winter’s Beijing competitions will involve 15 different winter Olympic sports across three competition zones, while the Paralympic Games will involve another 6!


Olympics Mad-Lib
Create a hilarious story by filling in the blanks. Then click the "Go!" button!

Outdoor Sports Quiz
Test yourself with this quick quiz about sports played around the world, from National Geographic Kids.

On Thin Ice from National Geographic Kids
Create a hilarious story by filling in the blanks. Then click the "Read!" button!

Arctic Fox Snowboarding from National Geographic Kids
See if you can keep the fox on that board and watch the tricks get harder!


Miracle [DVD]
Rated PG, this film based on actual events tells the story of the most famous team in American sports history: the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team. A great Olympics story.

X-treme Sports & Other Action Adventures [DVD]
Take sports to the extreme, including flying like the wind when waterskiing, and hitting the mountains to meet some Olympic snowboarders.

Classic Cartoon Favorites: Extreme Sports Fun [DVD]
Laugh through both summer and winter favorites, including funny, classic cartoons of Mickey and friends trying basketball, golf, gymnastics, hockey and more.

Web Links

Team U.S.A.
Website of the United States Olympic Committee, with information on sports and athletes.

Beijing Olympics
Official website of the 2022 winter competitions in China.

Official Website of the Olympic Movement
Information about the entire Olympic movement. Under Sports, click on the sport you’re curious about for information and videos, too!

Let the Games Begin!
A short history of the Olympics from National Geographic Kids.

Youth Olympic Games (YOG)
Information about the YOG, games for athletes 15, 16, 17 or 18 years old on December 31 in the year of the Games. These games were last held in January 2020, and will happen next in 2024.