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Curious Kids: Winter Storms

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Curious Kids Winter Storms

Did You Know?

Did you know the biggest recorded snowflake was 15 inches across?

Some books below may be eBooks or audiobooks. Ask a librarian or parent for help.

Fiction Books

Non-fiction Books

Fun Activities

How to Build a Perfect Snowman
Making things with snow is actually a science, and requires specific things. Learn more here!

Mad Libs
From WCPL! Try some of our funny winter-themed fill-ins.

Skating Maze
Helps the kids find their ice skates!

Snow Day Crafts
Learn how to make window winter scenes, model clay snowglobes, and use those pesky pine cones.

Word Search
Do you think you can find all of the words in this Word Blizzard?


Balto [DVD]
A sled dog in Alaska makes a tough journey to bring life-saving medicine to a town, through a blizzard, during a diphtheria epidemic. An animated story based on a true event.

Frozen [DVD or Blu-ray]
The classic story about a kingdom trapped in eternal winter.

Snow Dogs [DVD]
Ted, a dentist from Miami, travels to Alaska to claim his inheritance - which includes a pack of sled dogs. He must learn to race them or give them up to a mountain man who wants them for himself.

Stranger in the Woods, the Movie [DVD]
Forest animals are curious when a mysterious stranger – actually a snowman - appears in their woods. The director filmed actual wild animals in a wintry forest.


All about Snow
From the National Snow and Ice Data Center. In the section "Snow Characteristics," read about the colors of snow. Other sections tell about types of snow, how it forms, and avalanches!

Guide to Snowflakes
From SnowCrystals.com and physics professor Kenneth G. Libbrecht at Caltech, lots of photos of individual snowflakes, a guide for identifying snowflake types, and even two videos that show snowflakes growing!

From Gale in Context Elementary. Learn all about snow in the encyclopedia! This resource is free to use with your library card information.

Wacky Weekend: Snow Sculptures
From National Geographic Kids. Check out these amazing snow scultures - they are definitely not snowmen!

Weather WizKids
What’s a frost quake? How is sleet different from freezing rain? Use the navigation bar on the left to get around the site.

Winter Storms Ahead: Survival Knowledge
From the National Weather Service. An informational coloring book with quizzes to test your winter knowledge and survival know-how. Check your answers.