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Owlexander's Wetland Walk

Alexander's Wetland Walk

Explore the Wetland Walk with Owlexander and his sidekick Wally, the Water Drop, as they teach you about life in the wetlands – the soil, flowers, birds, water, animals, and more! Learn how the water cycle works, do activities, and make scientific observations.

This trail is perfect for upper elementary-aged children in grades three through five, but is a fun and free activity for the entire family!

View photos from the grand opening!

About the Trail

This nature literature trail is a half-mile, wheelchair and stroller accessible, paved path that runs alongside the woods. This trail focuses on watersheds and wetlands. The trailhead to Owlexander's Wetland Walk may be found at Oak Creek South Park, 790 Miamisburg-Centerville Road, Centerville, OH.

Learn About Wetlands

Do Some Fun Activities

Coloring Pages - These feature several of the animals you might see in a wetland!

Wetland Walk Crossword Puzzle - How much do you know about the wetlands?

Wetland Walk Word Search - Can you find them all?

About the Sponsors

Owlexander's Nature Literature Trails are made possible through a partnership between the Washington-Centerville Public Library and the Centerville-Washington Park District and is fully funded by the Yeck Family Foundation.

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