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Curious Kids: Coding

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Curious Kids Code It/Make It

Did You Know?

Did you know there are over 700 programming languages?

Some books below may be eBooks or audiobooks. Ask a librarian or parent for help.

Fiction Books

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Fun Activities

Attend a Make-It program for kids. Registration may be required!

Digital Escape Rooms
Did you know that digital escapes rooms are created using coding? Check out WCPL's own Spy Apprentice escape room by clicking the link above.

Maker Kits
The Library offers several Maker Kits that can help you learn about coding. Click on the link above to see them, then click on any kit to place a hold! There’s even a kit that lets you build a computer, and another that teaches you about electrical circuits! Note: Maker kits for kids are available at the Children's Service Desk but must be checked out by an adult, using their library card and driver’s license.

My Science Project Mad Lib

Robots Rule Crossword

Visit the Exploratorium
Tons of tinkering tutorials that you can replicate at home!


Computer Science Fundamentals
These courses from Code.org, a nonprofit educational organization, will help you learn to code. Course #2 is an introduction to coding for kids who are comfortable readers. Younger kids, or those still building reading skills, might consider starting with Course #1. For more advanced coders, use Course #3, then Course #4.


A magazine for kids who like science and augmented reality.


Ben Franklin’s Big Splash [DVD]
In his youth, Ben Franklin liked to swim. How could he make himself faster in the water?

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Do-It-Yourself Science [DVD]
Who knows better than Bill Nye?

Inspector Gadget [DVD]
Bionic policeman Inspector Gadget battles crime equipped with an array of gadgets and the help of his young niece Penny and their faithful dog Brian.

The Science of Disney Imagineering: Designs and Models [DVD]
Students will see how designs and models are used to put things together and make them function. They will learn the steps of the engineering process behind both physical and computer-generated model making.

Wallace and Gromit’s World of Invention [DVD]
From their self-built television studio, Wallace introduces films of ingenious contraptions from around the world, and unveils some of his very own creations.


Beanz Magazine
This is the website that goes with the magazine, which you can borrow from the Library!

Code.org Projects
See stories and games (even some Minecraft!) created by students, and take a look at the code used to create the project. Click on any project to see and/or play it, then view the code by clicking on "How It Works." If that doesn’t appear on the page, click on "Built on CodeStudio," then on "How It Works."

Code with Anna & Elsa
Have fun trying some basic coding, with the familiar Disney characters.

(For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) - FIRST is a non-profit organization founded to inspire kids’ interest in science and technology. They sponsor FIRST LEGO League (grades 4-8) clubs, in which kids design, build, and program a robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS®. Scroll down the page to see the links to the leagues.

Hello, Ruby
Hello, Ruby, teaches children ages 4-10 about Ruby on Rails and computational thinking through games and activities.

Lewis Latimer House Museum
Do you know Lewis Latimer, the famous inventor and tinkerer? Visit this website for some awesome projects that will test your tinkering skills.

Science Buddies
Anytime is the right time to explore STEM! Check out some cool projects here.

Learn block coding with Scratch - a program we use frequently in Tween Coding Club! Though Scratch is free to use, please make sure you get permission from an adult before creating an account.