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Did You Know?

Trashasaurus Rex is one giant craft! It was made for the Imagination Factory in Columbus, Indiana, and was made almost completely from recycled post-consumer waste.


Carve a Free-Form Sculpture from
Try your hand at sculpting!

3D Paper Tree by
Follow these directions to make a tree that will stand on its own!

Paper Quill Picture Frame from Crayola
Turn a cereal box into a DIY picture frame with paint and paper quill decorations (tightly wound strips of paper.)

Make a Birdbath from National Geographic Kids
Use terracotta (clay) flowerpots to make a fun birdbath. (If they used to have plants in them, be sure to clean and rinse them well before making your craft.)

Paper Bag Star Craft
Start with a few paper bags, and end up with a cool star to hang!

Stained Glass Craft from Crayola
Copy a picture you like onto glass. The results are super-cool!


Choose one of these drawing videos or watch all three. If you need a frame, make a Paper Quill Picture Frame for it! (See the link under Activities.)
Drawing With Mark: A Day With the Dinosaurs; Reach for the Stars [hoopla eVideo]
Take Flight! As the Wheels Turn [hoopla eVideo]
Let's Go to the Zoo! Zoo Stories [hoopla eVideo]

Web Links

First Palette Kids' Crafts
Choose from dozens of different crafts, from paper eyeglasses to a 3-D snowflakes, and lots more. Many can be made from items found around the house.

Paper Toys
Lots of cool crafts, like a koi kite, a T-Rex card, or a butterfly basket. Just print them out, cut, glue and play!

Thorne Rooms
These crafts are in a museum! More than half a century ago, Mrs. James Ward Thorne of Chicago designed dozens of tiny, detailed rooms, at a scale of 1” to one foot. They represent different times and different styles of living. Eight of the rooms are pictured here, from the collection at the Knoxville Museum of Art.

Trash Matcher from Imagination Factory
If you’ve got trash, you can do crafts! This page matches your trash with crafts you can make!